Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chapter 103

How Sir Cuadragante’s nephew Landin arrived in Ireland and what he received from the Queen. 

[Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair or Rory O’Connor, High King of Ireland from 1166 to 1183. Carving at Cong Abbey.]

With the message from his lord, Sir Cuadragante’s nephew Landin arrived in Ireland and secretly spoke with the Queen, giving her his message. When she heard of such great rebellion and danger, although she knew that her father, King Abies of Ireland, had been killed by the hand of Amadis, as the first book of this story has told, and she always held in her heart the severity and enmity against him that such a deed normally causes, she considered it much better to help and remedy present rather than past harm, which had been almost forgotten. She spoke with some of the men in whom she had confidence, without her husband the King knowing of it, believing that if the forces of Amadis were to grow, King Lisuarte would be destroyed, and the kingdom of her husband, King Cildadan, would no longer be his subject and tributary.

And so as we have told you, all these people were disposed with the will and desire that victors are required to have. But now the story shall cease to speak of that to recount what King Lisuarte’s messengers did.


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