Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chapter 102

How Isanjo came to the good King of Bohemia with the message from Amadis, and the great reassurance he found there.

 [A drawing of a ship from a compilation of extracts concerning naval architecture originally published in Italy circa 1447-1449. From the British Library.]

Insanjo, the knight from Firm Island, arrived at the kingdom of Bohemia and gave the letter from Amadis and his credentials to King Tafinor. No man could tell you the pleasure that the King felt when he saw it, and he said:

“Knight, ye are very welcome, and I give great thanks to God for this message that ye bring me. From what shall be done ye can understand the goodwill with which it has been received, and whether your trip has been worthwhile.”

He called his son Grasandor and told him:

“My son Grasandor, whether I am obliged to gratitude for the great help and benefit that the Knight of the Green Sword did for me when he was in my kingdom, thou already knowest, for in addition to protecting and increasing the honor of my royal crown, he saved me from the most cruel and dangerous war that any king could have suffered by having to face a man as mighty as the Emperor of Rome, who being so arrogant and beyond all reason, no other result could have been expected except for me and thou to have been lost and destroyed and in the end perhaps dead. That noble knight, whom God brought to my court for my profit, restored everything for my honor and my kingdom, as thou hast seen. And as a witness to that, I order thee to read this letter he sent me and to listen to what this knight has told me on his behalf, and with full diligence thou shalt make preparations so that the great benefit that we received from that knight may be fully repaid. And know that this knight is called Amadis of Gaul, who is spoken of by everyone with such fame, and so he would not be recognized, he had called himself the Knight of the Green Sword.”

Grasandor took the letter and listen to what Isanjo told him, and answered his father:

“Oh my lord, what great relief comes to my heart because that noble knight needs favor and help from your royal estate, because he shall see the acknowledgment and gratitude that ye, my lord, have for the things he did in the past for you. All that remains for the satisfaction of my will is if Your Mercy would be pleased that, while Count Galtines remains here to bring our men if necessary, ye would give me license to go with twenty knights immediately to Firm Island, because although there may be yet some solution to this question, it would be a great honor for me to be in the company of such fine knights as are brought together there.”

The King told him:

“My son, I would have preferred if thou wert to wait to see what happens and wert to accompany what for thy and my honor ought to be provided, but if this pleases thee, do what thou hast asked, and choose the knights that most please thee, and I shall immediately order a ship to be prepared in which thou shalt travel. And may God be pleased to give thee such a good trip and such honor that the noble knight’s debt, which he left us as one single man, shall be fully repaid.”

And so it was immediately done. Grasandor, the heir to King Tafinor of Bohemia, took the twenty knights that he liked the most with him and went out to sea on his way to Firm Island.


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