Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chapter 101

How Lasindo, Sir Bruneo of Bonamar’s squire, came with the message from his lord to the Marquis and to Branfil, and what they did. 

[Portrait of Henry, Duke of Lancaster (c.1310-1361), a founder of the Order of the Garter, wearing a blue Garter mantle over plate armor and surcoat with his arms. A framed tablet displays painted arms of successors in his Garter stall at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. From the Bruges Garter Book, made circa 1430 to 1440, probably in London.]

Lasindo, Sir Bruneo of Bonamar’s squire, arrived where the Marquis was, and when he gave him and Branfil the message from his lord, Branfil was so upset not to have participated in what those knights did and to not have been involved in Oriana’s rescue that he wanted to kill himself. And he knelt in front of his father and fervently asked him for the favor of ordering him to begin work on what his brother had asked for in his message. The Marquis, as he was a good knight and knew of the great friendship that his sons had with Amadis and all his lineage, whose honor and esteem was growing, told him:

“My son, do not be upset, for I shall fulfill everything completely, and I shall send thee, if it is necessary, with such a fine company of men that thine shall not be the worst.”

Branfil kissed his hands for that, then he ordered the fleet to be made ready along with men for it, as the Marquis was a great and very rich lord and there were many good knights and other well armed-men of war in his realm.


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