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Here begins the index of the chapters of the first book of the valiant and virtuous knight Amadis of Gaul.


[Chapter 0.] The story begins.

Chapter 1. How Princess Elisena and her damsel Darioleta went to the chamber where King Perion was.

Chapter 2. How King Perion traveled home with his squire, and with his heart filled more by woe than joy.

Chapter 3. How King Languines took with him the Childe of the Sea and Gandalin, son of Sir Gandales.

Chapter 4. How King Lisuarte sailed the sea and made port in the Kingdom of Scotland, where he was received with great honors.

Chapter 5. How Urganda the Unrecognized brought a lance to the Childe of the Sea.

Chapter 6. How the Childe of the Sea fought with the foot soldiers of the knight called Galpano, then with the brothers of the lord of the castle and with the lord himself, and killed him without mercy.

Chapter 7. How three days after the Childe of the Sea left the court of King Languines, three knights arrived, along with another knight in a litter and his traitorous wife.

Chapter 8. How King Lisuarte sent for his daughter from the court of King Languines, who sent her with his daughter Mabilia, accompanied by knights, ladies, and damsels.

Chapter 9. How the Childe of the Sea did battle with King Abies over the war he had with King Perion of Gaul.

Chapter 10. How the Childe of the Sea was recognized by his father, King Perion, and by his mother, Elisena.

Chapter 11. How the giant brought Galaor to be armed by the hand of King Lisuarte, and how Amadis knighted him very honorably.

Chapter 12. How Galaor fight the great giant, lord of the Rock of Galtares, defeated him, and killed him.

Chapter 13. How Amadis left Urganda the Unrecognized and came to a fortress, and what happened to him there.

Chapter 14. How King Lisuarte buried Dardan and his beloved, and had the manner of their death inscribed on their tomb.

Chapter 15. How Amadis made himself known to King Lisuarte and the grandees of his court, and was very well received by them all.

Chapter 16. Of what Agarjes saw after he came from the war of Gaul, and some things that he did.

Chapter 17. How Amadis was highly esteemed in the court of King Lisuarte, and of the news that he learned about his brother Galaor.

Chapter 18. How Amadis fought and defeated Angriote and his brother, who guarded a pass to a valley, where they maintained by force of arms that no one had a more beautiful ladylove than Angriote.

Chapter 19. How Amadis was enchanted by Arcalaus the Sorcerer because Amadis wanted to release Lady Grindalaya and others from their spell and prison, and how he escaped the enchantment that Arcalaus had placed on him.

Chapter 20. How Arcalaus carried news to the court of King Lisuarte that Amadis was dead, and of the great lamentations made by the entire court, especially by Oriana.

Chapter 21. How Galaor arrived badly wounded at a monastery and spent 15 days there, after which he was healthy, and what happened to him next.

Chapter 22. How Amadis left the castle of the lady, and what happened to him on the road.

Chapter 23. How King Lisuarte, leaving to hunt as he was wont to do, saw three knights coming on the road, and what happened to him with them.

Chapter 24. Of how Amadis, Galaor, and Balays decided to go to King Lisuarte, and of the adventures that consequently befell them.

Chapter 25. How Galaor avenged the death of the knight they had found vilely killed at the tree at the crossroads.

Chapter 26. Which recounts of what happened to Amadis when he went to rescue the damsel from the knight who had carried her off and was mistreating her.

Chapter 27. How Amadis fought and defeated the knight who had stolen away the damsel while he slept.

Chapter 28. What happened to Balays, who went in search of the knight who had made Sir Galaor lose his horse.

Chapter 29. How King Lisuarte held court, and what happened in it.

Chapter 30. How Amadis, Galaor, and Balays came to the palace of King Lisuarte, and what happened to them afterwards.

Chapter 31. How King Lisuarte came to hold court in the city of London.

Chapter 32. How, when the court was assembled, King Lisuarte asked for counsel from the knights he had convened on what he should properly do.

Chapter 33. How the King was celebrating when a damsel dressed in mourning knelt before him and asked for a boon, which he granted.

Chapter 34. In which is shown the downfall of King Lisuarte and all his deeds in consequence of his promises, which should have been denied.

Chapter 35. How Amadis and Galaor learned of the treacherous deeds, and they decided to secure the freedom of the King and Oriana, if they could.

Chapter 36. How Sir Galaor freed King Lisuarte from the captivity to which he was being traitorously taken.

Chapter 37. How the news came to the Queen that Lisuarte was a prisoner, and how Barsinan acted treasonously, wishing to become king, and how finally he was ruined, and the King was restored to his throne.

Chapter 38. How Amadis came in aid of the city of London, killed the traitorous Barsinan, and brought peace to the city.

Chapter 39. How King Lisuartes held court for twelve days, during which grand feasts were held by the many grandees who had come, both ladies and knights, many of whom stayed for several days.

Chapter 40. How the battle took place that Amadis had pledged against Abiseos and his two sons; a pledge he had made to the beautiful girl Briolanja at Castle Grovenesa to avenge the death of her father the King.

Chapter 41. How Sir Galaor left with the damsel in search of the knight who had overthrown them, until he fought with him, and how in the heat of the battle he learned that the knight was his brother Florestan.

Chapter 42. Which tells how Sir Florestan was the son of King Perion, and in what manner he was had by a very beautiful damsel, daughter of the Count of Selandia.

Chapter 43. How Galaor and Florestan, traveling to the kingdom of Sobradisa, met three damsels at the Fountain of the Elms.

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