Thursday, July 21, 2016

Time for a summer break

As usual, this blog will take the month of August off. 

Your translator, Sue Burke, in front of the Cathedral of León, Spain. Photo by Jerry Finn.

Will Amadis rescue King Lisuarte? And if he does, will Amadis finally enjoy a quiet and peaceful life with Oriana and Esplandian?

No spoilers, but we have about another year to go before we finish this grand story, and a lot will happen.

Let me thank all the readers who are accompanying me on this medieval adventure. If I can do anything to make this more fun for you, please let me know.

Remember that this blog is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0, so you can copy, distribute, display, share, or perform all or any part of it, or to create derivative works – provided it’s for non-comercial use. Just say you got it here. If you want to do something commercial, I can be very reasonable.

See you in September!


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