Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer signoff

Book III starts in September. 

[Sue Burke, your translator, on the 14th century Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. Photo by Jerry Finn.]

With the next entry, posted next week, Book II of Amadis of Gaul comes to an end — with a furious fight to the death. Then we’ll take a summer vacation.

Book II began as Amadis became lord of Firm Island. But then he received a letter from Oriana rejecting his love because she believed he loved Queen Briolanja. Amadis withdrew from the world, changed his name to Beltenebros, and nearly died of grief before the Damsel of Denmark rescued him. Amadis went on to achieve new, greater triumphs while the love between him and Oriana deepened. Then the treachery of two old men in King Lisuarte’s court made Amadis depart from the King in enmity — but Oriana was pregnant.

This blog will return in September with the start of Book III: more exciting adventures and intrigues. Watch out for the Endriago!

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