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Index, Book II

Here begins the table of contents of the second book.

[A tower of the castle in Buitrago de Lozoya, near Madrid, Spain. Photo by Sue Burke.] 


Chapter 44. How Amadis, with his brothers and his cousin Agrajes, left to travel to where King Lisuarte was, and how they happened to go to the enchanted Firm Island to test their fate, and what happened to them there.

Chapter 45. How Amadis left secretly and in despair to hide in a forest because of the letter that Durin had brought him from his lover Oriana.

Chapter 46. How Gandalin and Durin followed Amadis and brought him his arms, and how he fought with a knight and defeated him.

Chapter 47. Which tells who the knight was that Amadis had defeated and why he had come to Great Britain.

Chapter 48. How Sir Galaor, Florestan and Agrajes searched for Amadis, and how Amadis changed his name and retired to solitary life.

Chapter 49. How Durin returned to Oriana with the reply to her message, which he had brought to Amadis, and how she sobbed when she learned the news.

Chapter 50. How Guilan the Pensive found Amadis's shield and arms and took them to the court of King Lisuarte, and what happened to him on the road.

Chapter 51. How, while Beltenbros was in the hermitage of the Poor Peak, a ship docked in which Corisanda came in search of her lover Florestan, and what she recounted in the court of King Lisuarte.

Chapter 52. How the Damsel of Denmark went in search of Amadis, and by good fortune came from the sea to dock at the Poor Rock, and when she recognized Amadis, they went to Miraflores, where Oriana was.

Chapter 53. How Sir Galaor, Florestan, and Agrajes searched for a long time for Amadis, and finally, having learned nothing, they went to the court of King Lisuarte.

Chapter 54. How when King Lisuarte had just finished eating, an unknown and fully armed knight entered and defied the King.

Chapter 55. How Beltenbros ordered that arms be made and everything be readied to go to see Oriana, and what happened to him on the road.

Chapter 56. How Beltenbros was in Miraflores with Oriana and was happy, when an unknown knight arrived at the court of King Lisuarte with jewels for the test of loyal lovers.

Chapter 57. How Beltenbros and Oriana, with the assurance of King Lisuarte, left for the court, and how they won the test of the jewels and took them.

Chapter 58. How Beltenbros, after winning the green sword for being the most loyal lover, left Miraflores for the battle that had been delayed with King Cildadan, and how he struck three blows with the fine sword and won the battle.

Chapter 59. What happened to Sir Galaor and King Cildadan after they were taken from the battlefield, and what King Lisuarte did after it.

Chapter 60. Of the arrival of Urganda and the things that happened there.

Chapter 61. Of the battle that Amadis fought and won with Ardan Canileo, by which he freed the King of North Wales and Angriote from prison and won the Island of Mongaça.

Chapter 62. Of the battle fought and won by Sir Bruno of Bonamar with Madaman, brother of the terrible damsel, and of the uprising caused by envy between King Lisuarte and Amadis and his friends.

Chapter 63. How Amadis, with many of his family and friends, left King Lisuarte.

Chapter 64. What Oriana did after Amadis left, and what the knights did over the business of Madasima, and the battle that Angriote and Sarquiles fought with the sons of Gandandel and Brocadan.

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