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Index to Book IV

Here begins the fourth book about the noble and virtuous knight Amadis of Gaul, son of King Perion and Queen Elisena, which deals with the exploits and great feats at arms he and other knights of his lineage performed. 

[Art at the beginning of Book IV from the 1526 edition, printed in Seville, Spain, by Jacobo and Juan Cromberger.]


Chapter LXXXII. Of Queen Sardamira’s great mourning over the death of Prince Salustanquidio.

Chapter LXXXIII. How by the agreement and at orders of Princess Oriana, the knights took her to Firm Island.

Chapter LXXXIV. How Princess Grasinda, when she learned of Amadis’s victory, attired herself and, accompanied by many knights and ladies, went to meet Oriana.

Chapter LXXXV. How Amadis brought together all the lords, what he discussed with them, and what they agreed to.

Chapter LXXXVI. How all the knights were very satisfied with what Sir Cuadragante proposed.

Chapter XXXVII. How all the knights were eager to serve and honor Princess Oriana.

Chapter LXXXVIII. How Amadis spoke with Grasinda, and how she answered.

Chapter LXXXIX. How Amadis sent another messenger to Queen Briolanja.

Chapter XC. How Sir Cuadragante spoke with his nephew Landin and told him to go to Ireland and speak with the Queen, his niece, so she might permit some of her vassals to come and serve them.

Chapter XCI. What Amadis sent to the King of Bohemia.

Chapter XCII. How Gandalin spoke with Mabilia and Oriana, and what they sent him to say to Amadis.

Chapter XCIII. How Amadis and Agrajes, with all the high-born knights, went to see and console Oriana and the ladies with her, and what happened.

Chapter XCIV. How news reached King Lisuarte about the vanquishing of the Romans and the capture of Oriana, and what he did about it.

Chapter XCV. About the letter that Princess Oriana sent to her mother Queen Brisena from Firm Island, where she was.

Chapter XCVI. How King Lisuarte asked for advice from King Arban of North Wales, Sir Grumedan, and Guilan the Pensive, and what they told him.

Chapter XCVII. How Sir Cuadragante and Brian of Monjaste had the misfortune to be lost at sea, and how fate made them find Queen Briolanja, and what happened to them with her.

Chapter XCVIII. About the message that Sir Cuadragante and Brian of Monjaste brought from King Lisuarte, and what all the knights and lords there decided to do about it.

Chapter XCIX. How doctor Elisabad arrived in Grasinda’s lands, and from there went to see the Emperor of Constantinople with a message from Amadis, and what he obtained.

Chapter C. How Gandalin arrived in Gaul and spoke to King Perion about what his lord had sent him to say, and the answer he received.

Chapter CI. How Lasindo, the squire of Sir Bruneo of Bonamar, came with his lord’s message for the Marquis and Branfil, and what they did.

Chapter CII. How Isanjo brought a message from Amadis to the good King of Bohemia, and the fine reply he obtained from him.

Chapter CIII. How Landin, nephew of Sir Cuadragante, arrived in Ireland, and what he obtained from the Queen.

Chapter CIV. How Sir Guilan the Pensive arrived in Rome with the message from his lord King Lisuarte, and what he did on his mission with Emperor Patin.

Chapter CV. How Grasandor, son of the King of Bohemia, met Giontes, and what happened to him.

Chapter CVI. How the Emperor of Rome arrived at Great Britain with his fleet, and what he and King Lisuarte did.

Chapter CVII. How King Perion moved the troops from camp to face their enemies, and how he arranged the columns for battle.

Chapter CVIII. How, when Arcalaus the Sorcerer learned of the preparations for battle, he sent word as fast as possible to summon King Arabigo and his companions.

Chapter CIX. How the Emperor of Rome and King Lisuarte went with all their men to Firm Island to seek their enemies.

Chapter CX. How Gasquilan, the King of Suesa, sent his squire with the request ye have heard about to Amadis.

Chapter CXI. What happened to each side in the second battle, and why the battle ended.

Chapter CXII. How King Lisuarte brought the Emperor of Rome’s body to a monastery, and what he said to the Romans about the day’s date, and how they answered.

Chapter CXIII. How, when the holy hermit Nasciano, who had raised the handsome young nobleman Esplandian, learned about the rupture between the kings, he decided to seek peace, and what he did.

Chapter CXIV. How the holy man Nasciano brought King Perion’s reply to King Lisuarte, and what he agreed to.

Chapter CXV. How when King Arabigo learned of the agreement between these men, he decided to fight King Lisuarte.

Chapter CXVI. About the battle King Lisuarte had with King Arabigo and his men, and how King Lisuarte was defeated, and how Amadis of Gaul, who never failed to rescue those in need, came his aid.

Chapter CXVII. How Amadis went to rescue King Lisuarte, and what happened to him on the road before he arrived.

Chapter CXVIII. How King Lisuarte brought together Kings and great lords and many other knights at Lubaina Monastery, and when they were with him, how he told them about the great service and honors that he had received from Amadis of Gaul, and the reward he gave him.

Chapter CXIX. How King Lisuarte arrived at the town of Windsor, where his wife Queen Brisena was, and how, with her and their daughter, he agreed to return to Firm Island.

Chapter CXX. How King Perion and his men returned to Firm Island, and what they did before King Lisuarte arrived.

Chapter CXXI. How Sir Bruneo of Bonamar, Angriote d’Estravaus, and Branfil went to Gaul to get Queen Elisena and Sir Galaor, and the adventure they had as they returned.

Chapter CXXII. What happened to Sir Bruneo of Bonamar, Angriote d’Estravaus, and Branfil during the rescue they and the Queen of Dacia carried out.

Chapter CXXIII. How King Lisuarte and his wife Queen Brisena and his daughter Leonoreta came to Firm Island, and how its lords and ladies received them.

Chapter CXXIV. How Amadis had his cousin Dragonis marry Princess Estrelleta and go to win Deep Island, where he would be king.

Chapter CXXV. How the Kings came together to arrange the weddings of those great lords and ladies, and what was done during them.

Chapter CXXVI. How Urganda the Unrecognized joined all the kings and knights who were at Firm Island and spoke to them about the great events of the past, present and future , and how she then left.

Chapter CXXVII. How Amadis left with the lady who came by sea to avenge the death of the dead knight brought in the ship, and what happened to him on that quest.

Chapter CXXVIII. How Amadis went with the lady to the island of a giant named Balan, accompanied by the knight who governed Prince Island.

Chapter CXXIX. How Darioleta grieved over the great danger Amadis was in.

Chapter CXXX. How Amadis was at the Island of the Vermilion Tower sitting on some rocks above the sea speaking with Grasandor about his lady Oriana, when he saw a ship arrive, from which he learned that the fleet had gone to Sansuena and Landas islands.

Chapter CXXXI. How Agrajes, Sir Cuadragante, and Bruno of Bonamar, with many other knights, came to see the giant Balan, and what happened to them with him.

Chapter CXXXII. Which speaks of the answer that Agrajes gave the giant Balan about what he had said.

Chapter CXXXIII. How after King Lisuarte returned to his kingdom from Firm Island, he was imprisoned by enchantment, and what befell him.


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