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Index to Book III

[The original version of Amadis of Gaul had only three books, but Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo changed the ending and added a fourth book, as shall be told further on.] 

[Door to Lujanes Tower, the only Arabic horseshoe arch in Madrid. The tower was built in the heart of the city in the early 1400s and is its oldest privately built structure. It served as a prison for King Frances the I of France in 1525, and it is currently occupied by a nonprofit economic development organization. Photo by Sue Burke.]  

The third book of Amadis of Gaul begins. [Which is a chapter in itself.]

Chapter LXV. How Amadis asked his foster-father Sir Gandales for news from the court, and how Amadis and his companions left for Gaul, and the adventures that befell them on an island where they docked and where they saved Amadis’s brother Sir Galaor and King Cildadan from death at the hands of the giant Madarque.

Chapter LXVI. How King Cildadan and Sir Galaor, on their way to the court of King Lisuarte, met a lady who was accompanied by a handsome youth and a dozen knights, and the lady begged them to ask the King to make the young man a knight, which was done; and then the King learned that the youth was his son.

Chapter LXVII. Which tells of the cruel battle between King Lisuarte and his men with Sir Galvanes and his companions, and the generosity and grandeur of the King after their defeat, giving the land to Sir Galvanes and Madasima, who would be his vassals for as long as they lived there.

Chapter LXVIII. Which tells how, while Amadis and Sir Bruneo were in Gaul, Sir Bruneo was very happy and Amadis was sad, and how Sir Bruneo decided to leave Amadis to search for adventure. And how Amadis, Florestan, and their father, King Perion, decided to go help King Lisuarte.

Chapter LXIX. How the knights whose armor bore the image of serpents left for the Kingdom of Gaul, and fate sent them to a place where by trickery their lives were put in danger by Arcalaus the Sorcerer; and how, once freed, they returned to their ships to continue their journey, and how Sir Galaor and Norandel happened to arrive on the same road in search of adventures, and what happened to them.

Chapter LXX. Which recounts how Esplandian was cared for by Nasciano the hermit; and how Amadis, his father, went in search of adventure, changing his name to the Knight of the Green Sword, and the great adventures and victories he had.

Chapter LXXI. How King Lisuarte went hunting with the Queen and his daughters, accompanied by many knights, and went to the mountain where the holy man Nasciano had his hermitage, and there the King found a very fine childe* with a strange past, who was the son of Oriana and Amadis and who was very well treated by the King without knowing who he was.

Chapter LXXII. How the Knight of the Green Sword, after departing from King Tafinor of Bohemia for the islands of Romania, saw a large company of people approaching that included Grasinda and her knight Bradansidel, who wished to bring the Knight of the Green Sword before her by force, and how Amadis fought and defeated him.

Chapter LXXIII. How the noble Knight of the Green Sword, departing from Grasinda for Constantinople, was overcome at sea by Fortune, which caused him to dock at Devil’s Island, where he found a fierce beast named the Endriago, and finally defeated it.

Chapter LXXIV. How the Knight of the Green Sword wrote to the Emperor of Constantinople, whose island it was, recounting how he had killed that fierce beast and how he lacked provisions, which the Emperor promptly sent, showing his nobility and admiration, to repay the honor and service that Amadis had done him by liberating the island, which had been lost to him for a long time.

Chapter LXXV. How the Knight of the Green Sword departed from Constantinople to fulfill the promise he had made to the very beautiful Grasinda, and how, after he had decided to go with this lady to Great Britain at her command, it happened that he went hunting and found Sir Bruneo of Bonamar badly injured; and of the adventure in which Angriote de Estravaus encountered them by chance, and how together they came to the house of the beautiful Grasinda.

Chapter LXXVI. How Queen Sardamira and the other ambassadors whom the Emperor of Rome had sent to bring him Oriana, the daughter of King Lisuarte, arrived in Great Britain and what happened to them in a forest, where they had gone to rest, with a knight errant whom the ambassadors had insulted, and the recompense he gave them for the insolent things they had said to him.

Chapter LXXVII. How Queen Sardamira send a message to Sir Florestan, asking him, since he had defeated the knights and left them in poor condition, to guard her until she reached the castle of Miraflores, where she was going to speak with Oriana; and what happened there.

Chapter LXXVIII. How the Knight of the Green Sword, who at that time was called the Greek Knight, with Sir Bruneo of Bonamar and Angriote de Estravaus, set sail together with the very beautiful Grasinda and arrived at the court of King Lisuarte; and how the King had decided to send his daughter Oriana to the Emperor of Rome as a wife; and what happened when the Greek Knight declared his challenge.

Chapter LXXIX. How the Greek Knight and his companions brought Grasinda from the sea and took her with her retinue to the battlefield, where her knight would defend her cause and fulfill her orders.

Chapter LXXX. How King Lisuarte sent for Oriana to give her to the Romans, and what happened to him with a Knight of Firm Island, and how Sir Grumedan and the companions of the Greek Knight fought three Roman challengers; and how, after defeating the Romans, the companions of the Greek Knight left for Firm Island, and what they did there.

Chapter LXXXI. How King Lisuarte delivered his daughter very unwillingly, and how Amadis and all the other knights of Firm Island rescued the very beautiful Oriana and took her to Firm Island.

*Childe: a child of noble birth.

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