Thursday, July 28, 2011

On August break

As is customary in Spain, this blog will take an August vacation.

Last August, I attended a Renaissance fair in Navalcarnero, a small town near Madrid. The annual fair recreates the wedding of King Felipe IV and Marian de Austria held there in 1649. Photo by Jerry Finn.

As usual, I'll take a break in August, giving both you and me time to rest and prepare for the fall.

The story will resume on September 6, and we will soon learn the answers to thrilling questions: Can Gandalin talk sense into Amadis? What will Durin tell Oriana, and what will she do? Will you be able to put Amadis's sad song in Chapter 51 to music?

Meanwhile, if you're in Los Angeles before August 14, you may wish to visit the J. Paul Getty Center's exhibition on Fashion in the Middle Ages. If you can't go, it's worth your while to visit the web page and listen to the explanations of the glamorous, costly outfits:

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