Thursday, June 17, 2010

Links: Medieval life on the Internet

Visit a castle, cook a meal, go jousting, or just enjoy the scenery.

[A tournament of Foote will be held at Scarborough Castle on June 26 and 27 in North Yorkshire, England, an English Heritage event.]


English Heritage
If you'll be visiting Great Britain, this will make your visit spectacular. English Heritage protects and promotes England's historic environment. Visit abbeys, castles, ruins, stately homes and palaces, special events, and historic re-enactments. Overseas Visitor Passes available.

Ozark Medieval Fortress
If you'll be in Arkansas, USA, you can visit a castle under construction, built with 13th-century techniques – a carefully knotted rope is essential. You can even volunteer to help.

The Food Timeline
Wherever you are, you'll need to eat. This site, which is collection of links, starts with pre-historical foods and brings us to 2010. You'll need a well-supplied spice cabinet to cook medieval – roast swan, for example. Don't forget the wine.

Living The Life Of The 'American Jouster'
NPR interviews Richard Alvarez about his documentary, American Jouster, which explores the world of Renaissance Festival knights and tournaments. Jousting is risky work, Alvarez says, and you can get hurt, but the pay isn't bad.
Châteaubriant, France
Visible and infrared light recorded by NASA's Terra satellite was combined to make this simulated natural color image of the city and its surrounding area. The city began when a man named Briant erected a castle there in the 11th century as part of Brittany's defense line against France. A sharp eye can see the vestiges of medieval development.

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