Thursday, May 14, 2009

A collection of relevant links

In which we can discover a few interesting articles and sites.

[Gold penny of King Henry III, 1257-1258, from the Fitzwilliam Museum.]


The Middle Ages is alive and well on the Internet. Here are a few notable links:

Éowyn under Seiege: Female Warriors during the Middle Ages
This article in Strange Horizons e-zine describes the realities of women in battle.

Guide to Carcassonne, France
Visit one the best medieval walled cities still in existence. This brief but seductive tourist guide includes videos and an aerial photo of the city that alone is worth the click.

Coin of the Moment, Fitzwilliam Museum
Coins and medals of particular interest from the Fitzwilliam Museum collection are described, with commentaries on the history behind the money — for example, why King Henry's gold penny failed, and what the depiction of the King tells us.

The castle Monty Python made famous
Terry Jones, who directed the Monty Python movie about the Holy Grail filmed at Doune Castle, which attracts many fans, is the voice of the new audio guide.

Chivalry goes to Gaul with Amadis
I'm interviewed in Episode #31 of the Chivalry Today podcast.

xkcd - A Webcomic - Alternative Energy Revolution
Finally, here's a modern reference to a derivative work of Amadis of Gaul. The world is doomed! Who will save us?

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